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ser-en-dip-i-ty – (noun) 
a fortunate discovery created by unanticipated luck.​​​

Paint Your Pet Portraits (w/Jen Niles)
Thursday April 30
6–8 PM     $35

If you’ve got more than one animal in your home or in your heart, this is the class for you.

We’ll be painting multiple pets in a simple, easy style on an 8x10 canvas. Jen will pre-sketch the basic outlines for you. Slightly different than our “Paint Your Pet” classes, this time we’ll be representing your finned, furry or feathered friends in a style that’s more like a caricature. It will be easy and fun! No experience required and all supplies, as usual, will be provided. Just wear something sloppy to paint in and bring your sense of humor. 

The cost is $35 (exact change /cash is strongly preferred for speedy check-in, paid the night of the event) and this class can accommodate only 8 people, so sign up ASAP at [email protected] with the word “Multi Pet [date]” in the subject line. Please send a few photos of your pet no later than April 16. (By the way, your pets don’t all need to be in the same photo—Jen can arrange the pets on the canvas for you.)